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The Biggest Compost Myth Exposed


For many years I have used black mulch in my flower beds. Like many of you when Spring rolls around I find myself pulling it back up and refreshing it with new mulch. Last year I got sick of doing that and used our Screened Black Compost instead. I had seen it used in an office park in Williamsville and it looked phenomenal. Best part is; once it’s in your beds it’s there forever. No need to pick it up and replace it every year. Compost stays dark indefinitely. Compost also has great nutrients that feed whatever plant material you have in the beds.

So why don’t more people do this?

I found out the answer by speaking with a number of my customers trying to persuade them into using compost instead of mulch. Here is what they all said:

Doesn’t compost have a lot of weeds in it?

The answer is absolutely NOT! That is a huge myth and here is why;

The manner in which we make our compost creates so much heat that virtually all weed seed is destroyed. Our compost windrows reach temperatures of 160+ degrees. The only weeds that can grow in our compost would come from what naturally occurs in nature such as pollen or wind driven seeds in the air that fall on top of your beds and germinate into weeds. Our compost is as close to being sterilized from weeds as you can get.

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To see how nice compost looks in landscaping applications, view our image gallery for photos of screened compost used in various ways.