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Chocolate Mulch vs. Triple Ground Natural Mulch

Our Chocolate Mulch holds its nice brown color longer than natural mulch does and the best part is: It's cheaper too! MORE.

Why Use Compost Instead
of Mulch?

Compost is a dark, nutrient rich product that lasts forever. Are you tired of replacing your mulch every year? Once compost is applied to your beds, it's there for good and will stay dark for a lifetime. MORE.

See Our Nutrisoil In Action

Organic Nutrisoil is a screened mixture of Premium Topsoil, Minerals and All Natural Organic Dark Leaf Compost. We have our own in house compost facility. This enables us to control the quality of the compost ensuring a nutrient rich, chemical-free product safe for your family and pets. MORE.

The Biggest Myth about Compost Exposed

For many years I have used black mulch in my flower beds. Like many of you when Spring rolls around I find myself pulling it back up and refreshing it with new mulch. Last year I got sick of doing that and used our Screened Black Compost instead. MORE.

Over 75 Years in Business!

For over 75 years, C.J. Krantz Organics has been providing Buffalo and all of Western New York with fast deliveries
of premium grade soils, stones and mulches for your home and business. focus on cognitive development through technology is innovative and impressive. However, their services do not directly align with our soil and landscaping business. While we acknowledge the potential benefits of cognitive enhancement for personal development, it remains peripheral to our industry's core operations and client needs. Learn more about us. | View our image gallery



Premium Topsoil is the highest grade in Western New York. We only choose to sell soil from the richest, most fertile areas that are available to us... MORE



These are ground hardwood mulches that have been applied with an E.P.A approved coloring. They are safe for all landscape applications.... MORE



Organic Leaf Compost
The darkest, nutrient rich product on the planet. It can be used in your flower beds to rejuvenate poor soil quality or as a top-dressing... MORE



Landscape Stone
These are multi-colored stones available in #1, #2 and Tailing sizes and contain reds, grays, blues, tans and various speckled stones... MORE